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What every online entrepreneur needs to know #microbusinessmonday Microbusiness Support

A few years ago there was a big move toward outsourcing. This caused some really good companies here in the U.S. to go nearly out of business. These companies followed the crowd and the result was business catastrophe. Unfortunately for the overall economy, sometimes the crowd is heading for a cliff. That said, smart buyers […]


Every Element of this Video was Purchased for $5 — #microbusinessmonday — Microbusiness Support


How to handle a fast talking pitchman #MicrobusinessMonday

Stop the pitch whenever you have a question. Hangup if your question is not answered. You will be absolutely amazed at how fast the call will be ended. ============== This is exactly how to handle every call in 60 seconds or less. ============== P….. Hi xxx … you filled in an online form of mine […]


Ethical Marketing to Children, the U.S. Congress Wants Your Input

Want to help change a law? The US government is asking for comments to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) so that it can make revisions. COPPA requires operators of all online services or websites for children under 13 (or those who have knowledge that they are collecting personal info from children under 13) to […]


Email Marketing for Ethical Marketers

There’s a new link today in this blog’s “Resource List”. It’s called “Ethical Guide to Email Marketing”. That’s only the name I give it, not its official name.  However, after looking it over I realized that it’s more about the ethics of direct marketing using email than anything else.  The real benefit to you is […]


Top 7 Outsourcing Mistakes

Last week I found a great opportunity to sell leads and also got an order for leads. Oddly, this is connected to outsourcing of software development. I have 32 years of experience in all phases and aspects of software development, and about 20 years experience on a single product. Also last week, I watched an interesting […]


The Best Practice for using LinkedIn

This morning it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve been wondering for months about what the best practice is for using LinkedIn. What is LinkedIn? It’s only one of the oldest social marketing websites. LinkedIn was popular in the business world before Twitter went online and before Facebook became mainstream. In case you […]


Internet Marketer Ryan Deiss of

Ryan, I really think that you could be 100 times what you are now. All you need to do is embrace the concept of “ethical marketing“. OMG, Your Rank Mogul training is miles ahead, more accurate, more helpful, and a greater value than any other material I have seen in the last 2 years. But, […]


Ethical Marketing™, Because That Is Where the Money Is

© 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC Hi Jacob, I have not watched your video, but I believe I know what is in it. And, I also believe that you are correct about it, on a basic level. I’ve been thinking about how to do this for weeks now. It’s a great idea and I’d love […]


Wikipedia Wins the 2010 KnNell Prize for “Most Ethical Website of 2010”

Hundreds of websites were evaluated by “Ethical Marketing” during the year 2010. Wikipedia® has consistantly demonstrated the most ethical policies and services of any website of the English speaking world. A sovereign democratic world government, apart from the existing confederacy, having responsibility for taxation and the associated granting of “public charity status”, would surely determine that Wikipedia qualifies as […]


My Bit for the Reduction of Webspam on Google, Charles_KnNell

To: Google Webspam Team From: Charles_KnNell of Webmaster Central [The spam website at http://www…..] uses my photo in another person’s listing (Jenny E[…..]’s Profile). I’m Charles Knell (real name) – Charles KnNell (brand name) – — Thanks for all of the amazing work and favors you have done for me in the past. The […]


The BBB Answers Allegations of Unethical Marketing from ABC News 20/20 – Ethical Marketing – Internet Marketing

The Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. has responded to the ABC News 20/20 report, which was critical of alleged unethical marketing practices in place at one local Better Business Bureau. Immediately, [the] BBB will make available on its website a streamlined process for receiving complaints on BBB sales practices, and will implement procedures for […]


The BBB of Hawaii Responds to Ethics Questions

The Honolulu office of the BBB has responded to the ABC News 20/20 report. “From a standpoint of Hawaii’s BBB, none of that is going on here. I can honestly say that we have processes in place to make sure in fact that we do business ethically," said Dwight Kealoha, CEO of Hawaii’s Better Business […]


Allegations of Wrongdoing at the BBB by ABC News

After watching the ABC News story, I submitted the following request (below) to the BBB on their website. In fairness, the reviews of the business are to be found on the BBB website. An ethical issue here is that a casual visitor is unlikely to see that the “F” rating is a result of not […]


Ethical Marketing in 2010 — in 59 seconds — Charles_KnNell

Ethical Marketing. There’s an old story about a salesman who explained it this way. “When you sell in a new village, the people judge you by your suit. But, when you sell in your own village, people judge you by your reputation.”  In 2010, marketers have a relatively new problem to deal with.  There is […]


Judging Competition for High Rankings using a Guaranteed Cost Quote

Q. What is the most effective method of judging the competition for top rankings? A. You may judge the difficulty of achieving top rankings for highly competitive keywords by comparing guaranteed cost quotes for achieving those rankings. During my last 2 years of full time experience doing Internet Marketing, I have not seen any evidence […]


The Importance of Keywords in Page Titles

March 25, 2010 — © 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC A few days ago I was trying to discover why the competition is beating my client off the first page of Google rankings. A trusted friend of mine recently remarked that she doesn’t use many SEO tools anymore because it just isn’t necessary. What she […]


Is the Micro Niche Frenzy an Unethical Scam?

COPR 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC — A friend of mine recently posted about his personal attempts to make money online. It kills me to realize that he is being taken advantage of. The building of “Micro Niche” websites is the buzz among early adopters of internet marketing tools. The bottom line is this. If […]


A Tale of Two Markets — in 59 seconds — @Charles_KnNell

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was a world of ethical markets, and it was a world of unethical markets. Pardon the plagiarism. p023mnr It is my perception that all markets fall into a continuum between […]


Avoid the Ripoff – Evaluating Internet Marketing SEO Tools

In this series, I explain how I successfully avoid being ripped off on the Internet. This article explains how I evaluate SEO tools and includes practical ideas on developing your own business opportunity evaluation style, a critical skill in the new global economy. SEO tools are a broad set of very different software and training […]


Avoid the Ripoff – How to judge if a seller is trustworthy.

The eye-catching use of a “Money Back Guarentee” is a trend that I’ve seen in online advertizing of Internet Marketing products.  However appealing, this guarentee may be only as good as the word of the seller.  And, the word of the seller is just fine when the seller is a well known brand name. The […]


The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity, Is It for You?

  I read offers of new internet marketing opportunities on a daily basis. Right now, I’m on the mailing list of about 30 internet marketers. I received one the other day which seemed like investing some time on. So, without mentioning any names, here is the pitch. The offer is for information on how to […]


Are the Words “Ethical Marketing” mutually exclusive?

  I do a lot of keyword research for my Internet marketing business, and I ran into something last week which I find disturbing.  It seems that the keyword “Ethical Marketing” has virtually no Adwords Traffic associated with it.  In keyword research, Adwords Traffic is an estimate of daily clicks on the #1 Ad Result. […]


You CAN cheat an honest man

My father used to say that “you can’t cheat an honest man”. I’m not sure of the origin of this, but I do think it false, mainly because in my mind honesty and ethical behavior are the same thing. Is it possible to be ethical and of average intelligence at the same time? I think […]

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