How to handle a fast talking pitchman #MicrobusinessMonday

Stop the pitch whenever you have a question.

Hangup if your question is not answered.

You will be absolutely amazed at how fast the call will be ended.

This is exactly how to handle every call in 60 seconds or less.
P….. Hi xxx … you filled in an online form of mine giving me your phone number, my company name is xxxxxxx
Me.. OK
P….. We did xxxxxx for you at no charge and we think we can help you build your business
Me.. OK

P….. Are you the decision maker in your business, or is there someone else who must approve purchases
Me.. Nope, It’s just me here. My company has a staff of one. I make all the buying decisions.

P….. We offer a 90 day campaign for your business which we think can really help you.
Are you using xxxx, xxxx, xxxx ?
Me.. Yes, No, Yes

P….. xxxxxx
Me.. How much does it cost?
P….. one million dollars.
Me.. <<Click>>
Of course, you could continue. But, do so because you liked the answer to the question.
Best Regards,
Charles (KnNell) Knell
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