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There’s a new link today in this blog’s “Resource List”.

It’s called “Ethical Guide to Email Marketing”. That’s only the name I give it, not its official name.  However, after looking it over I realized that it’s more about the ethics of direct marketing using email than anything else. 

The real benefit to you is that building your email lists with truly interested prospects, those who want your message, is the ethical way to do it. Have a look here. The added benefit is that your messages will get thru to your prospect.

… some marketers misuse mailing lists, often through a lack of knowledge about longstanding Internet customs and rules, or because they attempt to apply direct paper mail methodology to the electronic realm

If you are an email marketer, you should be intimate with the concepts explained there. I personally ran across this as I was sending out an email campaign for a client. I was examining my bounced messages.  The website on which this material is located is currently used by AT&T networks to block spam email.

Disregard these guidelines and NONE of your email will arrive at prospects served by AT&T networks.  This is a really good idea for keeping spam out of inboxes and at some point every ISP may be as spam sensitive at AT&T. I hope that they will be reading this. I hate spam.

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