The best kept secret in Internet Marketing, hidden in plain sight

Ok, it’s not really a secret. Or, maybe it is. I suppose it’s a secret to you if you don’t know it, right?

I’m talking about fiverr.com, the original source of services for $5, or a “fiverr”.

I’m certainly not the most experienced at using fiverr.  But, I’ll get there.

The business model is incredibly simple. What are you willing to do for $5. Nothing you think? Thing again. I’ll bet that there are all kinds of things that you can do in a few minutes.  Why?  Because, that is just how skill sets are.  I can do things in minutes that others require hours or even days to accomplish. But, before I started using fiverr, I never really even thought about it.

This is the question you should be asking yourself. What are those things that I can do in minutes? 

IF YOU CAN LINE UP 6 ten minute jobs, then, do the arithmetic. That’s $30 per hour of revenue.  Many, many people would be willing to work for that.  Are you?

Here is a great example. I met “chrisdesign” simply buying his $5 gig for the expressed purpose of asking him questions about how he uses fiverr.  The reason I picked him out of thousands of fiverr users, is because he is a fiverr rated “top seller”. On fiverr, a “top seller” is one of the folks doing the most business there.

Let’s say that you run an ecommerce store.  You have a line of products and associated photos.  One day you think, “I should replace that old picture on my home page with a slide show!”.  But, HEY, you don’t know how! It would take you hours to work out how to make a slide show, and you just don’t have time to learn. 

You just need the slide show. What do you think that costs on fiverr?

It’s $5 right here: http://bit.ly/Great-SlideShows-for-FIVE-Dollars

Have a look. This is a real business, by chrisdesign.


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