Top 7 Outsourcing Mistakes

Last week I found a great opportunity to sell leads and also got an order for leads. Oddly, this is connected to outsourcing of software development. I have 32 years of experience in all phases and aspects of software development, and about 20 years experience on a single product.

Also last week, I watched an interesting and VERY informative Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss offer for 6 weeks of coaching. Both Frank and Ryan are outsourcing service providers of marketing training and marketing coaching.

I sent Frank a note letting him know that his website had been hacked.  You might want to wait a while before you look at it. If you don’t know Frank, you probably should read THIS blog first and then look at his site, http://frankkern.com. I know Ryan Deiss well enough to trust him with my money, which in fact I have done.  Frank and Ryan are both master marketers. That said, don’t buy things that you don’t need and can’t use right now. Don’t buy coaching products that you don’t have time to use fully right now. If these things don’t apply to you, Ryan currently has a $1 offer that’s pretty interesting. Although, if you aren’t careful, you just might pay more for it.

Read my free whitepaper, “Top 7 Outsourcing Mistakes“. Can you trust me? Read this blog and find out.


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