The Best Practice for using LinkedIn

This morning it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’ve been wondering for months about what the best practice is for using LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn? It’s only one of the oldest social marketing websites.

LinkedIn was popular in the business world before Twitter went online and before Facebook became mainstream.

In case you haven’t hear about it, LinkedIn was growing during the time when the term “Social Marketing” was not yet popular.

LinkedIn is a “Social Marketing” web site which for many years didn’t market itself that way.

The single best feature offered by LinkedIn is “Profile Stats”.

Do you remember how they told you that “references on your resume are rarely checked”. Well…forget that because now it’s so easy that everyone is doing it.

And, you can find out more about a person by looking at the profiles of those who recommend them than by any other way. You can also look a level deeper and discover even more. Doing this is a bit similar to the way the Google ranking algorithm works as described in its patent.

A friend of mine from the “Internet Marketing” world, Carolyne (Caro) McCourtie, recently joined linkedIn. I know Caro from the “30 Day Challenge” Social Marketing Campaign promoted by Ed Dale. Caro has helped me in various ways at no charge. Remember, a friend is a person who will help you out and expect nothing in return.

I’m leading up to the single best way for using LinkedIn. It’s what I call your “personal conversion rate” in the LinkedIn marketing channel, that is, the number of times your profile is viewed divided by the number of searches for a person like you.

LinkedIn provides you with “Profile Stats”. Out of those people who searched for your profile keywords, how many people viewed your profile? This tells you how well your personal marketing message, your profile, is at attracting prospects, people who might want to hire you.

The best practice:
Optimize your profile to improve your “personal conversion rate”.
The “Profile Stats” section information is private to each LinkedIn member.

This ONE MINUTE VIDEO shows you more about this.

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