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Ryan, I really think that you could be 100 times what you are now. All you need to do is embrace the concept of “ethical marketing“. OMG, Your Rank Mogul training is miles ahead, more accurate, more helpful, and a greater value than any other material I have seen in the last 2 years. But, consider this, on November 25, I actually MISTAKENLY thought that you were about to ripoff Make-a-Wish. Does ANYONE not see this as a huge mistake? Apparently, you (Ryan) did not realize that a $50,000 donation was not possible and THAT really rubbed me, an analytical person, the wrong way. I DO know why NOW, but I didn’t THEN. I seriously but MISTAKENLY thought that you were one of the bad guys. Ryan, the exact opposite is the case! WOW! $60,137 donated to Make-a-wish! That is a “trust builder” if I ever saw one and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this video (click here) is worth 10 times what you donated, over this next year. You might want to add a youTube description. The two men standing on the left of the opening shot of the video are Glen West, President and CEO of “Make a Wish” Austin, and Scott Crews, Senior Development Officer of “Make a Wish” Austin. I spoke to Scott Crews a day or so ago, and I’m satisfied that those men in the video were the real deal and not actors. You did a really generous thing that day.

Ryan, I feel really sure that you have never read “Think and Grow Rich”, or if you did, the story of the formation of “United States Steel Corporation” didn’t sink in. What “bad guy” do you know that publicly hands over a check that size to a charity? There is simply no other Internet Marketing Marketer with your present position in the Internet Marketing space. I’m sure that the inventors of the Internet would be pleased to know about this Right Result.

Congratulations! $60,137 may be the most money raised for charity in a lead generation campaign.

My most sincere best regards,                      © 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC
Charles KnNell, for Ethical Marketing™

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    ryandeiss Says:

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s a shame the market has been scammed so frequently that folks assumed the Make-A-Wish donation project was just another scam.

    Glad I could prove otherwise…hopefully it moves the industry in the right direction.

    More importantly, I’m thrilled at the amount of money that was raised. $60,000 means that 12 wishes will be granted. Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen!


    P.S. I have read “Think and Grow Rich”…I just wanted this project to be about Make-A-Wish and not growing my personal status. Lots of good folks came together to make that happen. I was just the guy who got to take the credit. 🙂

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