The BBB of Hawaii Responds to Ethics Questions

The Honolulu office of the BBB has responded to the ABC News 20/20 report.

“From a standpoint of Hawaii’s BBB, none of that is going on here. I can honestly say that we have processes in place to make sure in fact that we do business ethically," said Dwight Kealoha, CEO of Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau office, which has a full-time staff of 16 people in its Bishop Street offices in downtown Honolulu.

My personal understanding of the BBB organizational structure is that each local office does their own marketing, but they may share a national database. So, in fairness, some local offices may have outsourced their marketing work to unethical marketers. The response to my complaint to the BBB on November 14 should be some indication of whether or not I am right.

One more thing, “Hamas” did NOT get an A rating by the BBB. That was “Hamas, Robert S”. This was an unethical trick to make the BBB look guilty, which took advantage of a technical flaw in the BBB website design. I saw the listing before it was wisely removed. But, do I need to point out that the tech guy in the ABC story could have been anyone ? Apparently, it isn’t obvious.


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