Allegations of Wrongdoing at the BBB by ABC News

After watching the ABC News story, I submitted the following request (below) to the BBB on their website. In fairness, the reviews of the business are to be found on the BBB website. An ethical issue here is that a casual visitor is unlikely to see that the “F” rating is a result of not being a member of the BBB. The casual visitor is likely to attribute this highly negative rating to the business even though no negative reports exist in the BBB database.

BBB Rating for Wolfgang Puck


Nov 14, 2010
To: Complaint Department, BBB
Name: Charles_KnNell
email: charles@ethical-marketing.rrco.biz

Inaccurate information reported on Business Report for Wolfgang Puck (Company ID 100048262). Discrepancies listed below: I find this report to be unethical and suggest that an ethical report would include the number of negative and positive reports. As is, in my personal opinion, it simply defames a lawful trademark. Alternatively and at your sole descretion, this listing could be removed.

With respect,

Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC

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