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Ethical Marketing. There’s an old story about a salesman who explained it this way. “When you sell in a new village, the people judge you by your suit. But, when you sell in your own village, people judge you by your reputation.”  In 2010, marketers have a relatively new problem to deal with.  There is only one “global village”, and that’s where your reputation will matter going forward.  You can’t just move on to the next village with no reputation to worry about.  If you think that you can market on the internet with no reputation, think again. The first thing I do before buying anything online is to learn if other people are writing bad things about it.  You simply can’t hide negative information about your brand on the internet without a ton of money to spend on doing it.  If someone is complaining about you, you can find it with a search engine. One view on ethical marketing is that we really can only judge it properly in retrospect. Treat your customers with kid gloves because if you motivate them to complain about your product or service, you will need to move on to the next village. And, there isn’t any.

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