Judging Competition for High Rankings using a Guaranteed Cost Quote

Q. What is the most effective method of judging the competition for top rankings?

A. You may judge the difficulty of achieving top rankings for highly competitive keywords by comparing guaranteed cost quotes for achieving those rankings. During my last 2 years of full time experience doing Internet Marketing, I have not seen any evidence to support the idea that a single commercial tool can accurately help you judge this for highly competitive keywords. One simple example of a guaranteed cost quote is as follows: If the agreed upon 20 day average ranking is not achieved, the client pays an “agreed upon in advance” prorated fee.

If you decide to pay for SEO services of any kind, be certain that your agreement is crystal clear. The bottom line is that ambiguous agreements are not enforceable. And, there is a really good reason for that. It is because one cannot show that both parties shared the same understanding of the content of the agreement.

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3 Responses to “Judging Competition for High Rankings using a Guaranteed Cost Quote”

  1. 1
    Eric M Says:

    Seems like really good advise, but I haven’t been able to get quotes like this. So, what good is it?

  2. 2
    Charles KnNell Says:

    Well… That’s a message, isn’t it? Perhaps you should be asking your friends who their SEO is. Your competitors may not be so free with info like that.

  3. 3
    Charles KnNell Says:

    P.S. One thing I do for a client of mine is to take her calls regarding offers for SEO. Even though I myself am an SEO, I often explore hiring those with more experience in markets where I am not an expert. Most of the offers which I have received lately were, IMO, not compelling. Also, promoting or using techniques, which are not in line with the search engine guidelines for high quality desirable and useful content, are not likely to have long lasting ranking improvement effects.

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