The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity, Is It for You?


I read offers of new internet marketing opportunities on a daily basis. Right now, I’m on the mailing list of about 30 internet marketers. I received one the other day which seemed like investing some time on. So, without mentioning any names, here is the pitch.

The offer is for information on how to set up small websites to be used for affiliate marketing. The pitch is excellent. After you learn the process, you will spend 30 minutes of your own time creating each website which should then generate about $3 per day.  Then, repeat the process until you have 700 websites all doing this same thing, i.e. providing revenue of $2100 per day. This is not bad, not bad at all. I have no doubt that I can create a site in 30 minutes. The real question is, “Is this a legitimate offer?”.  You must understand that, most likely, it is.  But, be careful to buy the “steak” and not the “sizzle”.  $2100 per day is $63,000 per month.  Revenue of $63,000 per month is $756,000 per year!  STOP and THINK. Otherwise, you’ll be buying “sizzle”. This marketer is NOT promising you 3/4 of a million revenue per year, he is only showing you that it’s possible. And, he is right! It is possible. But, look at this offer objectively and from the marketer’s perspective. Why would anyone waste their time creating a course to teach this when they could be doing it? Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that you will likely make money if you follow all of the advice. The real question is “should you?”.  Further, remember that there can be no doubt that the creator of the course believes that there is more money for him in creating and selling this advice than in following the advice.  Remember that specialized knowledge about well known and well studied areas is generally not expensive. Although, certainly there are exceptions, and you have to decide if this is one of those exceptions.  Perhaps you need objective advice, but that is another article.

Before you buy expensive training on affiliate marketing, spend a little time to learn what your objectives are as an affiliate marketer from the purchasers of your service. Read what EBay has been learning about affiliate marketing. Martin-Gill, W. et al of EBay fame, published a white paper on the future of affiliate marketing which you should read.  And, that will also take you 30 minutes. It reports on what EBay has learned about affiliate marketing and what they are likely looking for in affiliate marketers. Trust me on this one, they will be looking to optimize their investment.

One affiliate campaign of mine (which I spent 2 days setting up) has a ROI of over 200%. For weeks now, I’ve done no work to maintain it. I have dozens of affiliate publisher accounts and I personally applied for an affiliate account with EBay. I was rejected and I’ll have to admit that I didn’t understand why until now. You can read this white paper yourself and be fully enlightened. See http://www.semj.org/documents/SEMJ_ebay_vol2.pdf

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Charles Knell

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