Are the Words “Ethical Marketing” mutually exclusive?


I do a lot of keyword research for my Internet marketing business, and I ran into something last week which I find disturbing.  It seems that the keyword “Ethical Marketing” has virtually no Adwords Traffic associated with it.  In keyword research, Adwords Traffic is an estimate of daily clicks on the #1 Ad Result.  Now, let me ask you something.  Would you ever buy something from someone who you knew was not acting in an ethical manner?  Of course, you wouldn’t.  Buyers are looking for people to trust.  Buyers are interested in finding the most ethical people to listen to and take advice from.  In business, the folks who prepare marketing materials are marketers.  It just stands to reason that in the long run, an ethical marketer will do better than an unethical one.  So, I strive to be both a marketer and ethical at the same time because I KNOW that this is the marketing material that buyers are looking for.  And yes, buyers can be fooled in the short run. And yes, you can fool some of the people some of the time.  But, in the new global economy powered by the Internet, engaging in unethical marketing practice is no way to run your business.  You just won’t get away with it in the long run.

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