My theory of the Bernie Madoff phenomenon

My theory is that somewhere back in Madoff’s lineage was a con man of great skill. Please understand that this is pure speculation on my part. Look, this guy’s last name was Mad[e]off, as in “Bernie made off with our money”.  Somewhere back in this guy’s ancestry, his father, his grandfather, or perhaps his great grandfather, there was a con man of great skill, if you wish to call the despicable ability at cheating people a skill.  After a few generations of training the next generation, these guys just get better and better.  I heard that the only reason this Madoff got caught just now is because this guy was SO greedy that he also conned his sons, who turned him in.  If he had not lied to his sons, he might not have been caught at this time.  But, sooner or later it is inevitable that the show will be over. Eventually, every ponzi scheme runs out of suckers to suck from, at which time they can no longer pay the “early in” suckers.  So, you may be asking “Why would he use the name Mad[e]Off?”. It is because these guys love the cruel joke which their victims only realize after it is too late. They are not good examples of how to run your life.

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