You CAN cheat an honest man

My father used to say that “you can’t cheat an honest man”. I’m not sure of the origin of this, but I do think it false, mainly because in my mind honesty and ethical behavior are the same thing. Is it possible to be ethical and of average intelligence at the same time? I think so. In my opinion, an average honest lawyer is no match for a superstar dishonest one in many situations. My experience is this; an honest person of average intelligence may be no match for a dishonest one of superstar intelligence when each are opposite parties of a business deal. We engage in simple business deals every day. Whenever one person offers goods or service at a price and another accepts the offer a deal is done. The fact is that in this world there are people who will try to take advantage of others. The internet marketing space today is filled with miners (novice internet marketers) looking to strike it rich and willing to buy this tool or that training which will help them find gold, and it is also filled with shovel salesmen (veteran internet marketers) who are more than happy to sell them tools or training and relieve them of their money. Many veteran internet marketers you encounter in cyberspace are likely have a story about how they spent years making every mistake you can imagine and now they are ready to help you (a novice internet marketer) to strike it rich. So, I won’t insult your intelligence and do the same thing here. Remember that you are their gold field. Evaluate their offer carefully and thoughtfully before closing the deal. Make sure that you understand ALL the terms and keep a copy. You can cheat an honest man, but there are ethical marketers out there.

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    Frederick Rose Says:

    The theory behind your statment “you can’t cheat an honest man” is that someone who is trying to cheat you is easier to cheat compared to an honest person.

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