Whiteboard Video Development


Some of you may have heard of whiteboard videos, also known as whiteboard animations. In this kind of video, there’s generally a speaker, music, and drawings being drawn. An example video which explains my development process for a video of this kind follows.

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What every online entrepreneur needs to know #microbusinessmonday Microbusiness Support

A few years ago there was a big move toward outsourcing. This caused some really good companies here in the U.S. to go nearly out of business.
These companies followed the crowd and the result was business catastrophe.
Unfortunately for the overall economy, sometimes the crowd is heading for a cliff.

That said, smart buyers can still get great bargains using outsourcing, if they do their homework. My best high school math teacher loved to say “a word to the wise is sufficient”.

You can buy a short video for your website for $5 on fiverr.

If the seller doesn’t deliver, you don’t pay the seller anything. As you can see in the ratings below, delivery is highly likely.


Every Element of this Video was Purchased for $5 — #microbusinessmonday — Microbusiness Support


How to handle a fast talking pitchman #MicrobusinessMonday

Stop the pitch whenever you have a question.

Hangup if your question is not answered.

You will be absolutely amazed at how fast the call will be ended.

This is exactly how to handle every call in 60 seconds or less.
P….. Hi xxx … you filled in an online form of mine giving me your phone number, my company name is xxxxxxx
Me.. OK
P….. We did xxxxxx for you at no charge and we think we can help you build your business
Me.. OK

P….. Are you the decision maker in your business, or is there someone else who must approve purchases
Me.. Nope, It’s just me here. My company has a staff of one. I make all the buying decisions.

P….. We offer a 90 day campaign for your business which we think can really help you.
Are you using xxxx, xxxx, xxxx ?
Me.. Yes, No, Yes

P….. xxxxxx
Me.. How much does it cost?
P….. one million dollars.
Me.. <<Click>>
Of course, you could continue. But, do so because you liked the answer to the question.
Best Regards,
Charles (KnNell) Knell
Copyright 2012 Right Results Consulting LLC — Copyright 2012 Microbusiness Support

Ethical Marketing to Children, the U.S. Congress Wants Your Input

Want to help change a law? The US government is asking for comments to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (COPPA) so that it can make revisions. COPPA requires operators of all online services or websites for children under 13 (or those who have knowledge that they are collecting personal info from children under 13) to obtain verifiable consent from parents before collecting, using or disclosing children’s personal information. The FTC wants to update the definition of “personal information” to include geolocation information as well as tracking cookies and similar persistent identifiers. A large number of popular online services today seek geolocation data from their users -Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are some that come to mind — and tracking cookies are today a very common means of tracking users’ online behavior. The commission also proposes a different definition of “collection” of data, which would allow children to participate in interactive communities without parental consent as long as the operators of those communities “take reasonable measures to delete all or virtually all children’s personal information before it is made public.” The changes to COPPA are extensive. [We] find it refreshing that the government is asking for input on a law that will have a big impact on the internet. The government should extend their solicitation for changes to a law for every law on the books.

Originally published by the Web Leads Support Team at

Web Leads, Inc 5850 Canoga Ave. #308 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 888-740-1071 ext. 85 webleadsinc.com

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Email Marketing for Ethical Marketers

There’s a new link today in this blog’s “Resource List”.

It’s called “Ethical Guide to Email Marketing”. That’s only the name I give it, not its official name.  However, after looking it over I realized that it’s more about the ethics of direct marketing using email than anything else. 

The real benefit to you is that building your email lists with truly interested prospects, those who want your message, is the ethical way to do it. Have a look here. The added benefit is that your messages will get thru to your prospect.

… some marketers misuse mailing lists, often through a lack of knowledge about longstanding Internet customs and rules, or because they attempt to apply direct paper mail methodology to the electronic realm

If you are an email marketer, you should be intimate with the concepts explained there. I personally ran across this as I was sending out an email campaign for a client. I was examining my bounced messages.  The website on which this material is located is currently used by AT&T networks to block spam email.

Disregard these guidelines and NONE of your email will arrive at prospects served by AT&T networks.  This is a really good idea for keeping spam out of inboxes and at some point every ISP may be as spam sensitive at AT&T. I hope that they will be reading this. I hate spam.

Charles (KnNell) Knell
Ethical Marketing

Copyright 2011 Right Results Consulting LLC




The best kept secret in Internet Marketing, hidden in plain sight

Ok, it’s not really a secret. Or, maybe it is. I suppose it’s a secret to you if you don’t know it, right?

I’m talking about fiverr.com, the original source of services for $5, or a “fiverr”.

I’m certainly not the most experienced at using fiverr.  But, I’ll get there.

The business model is incredibly simple. What are you willing to do for $5. Nothing you think? Thing again. I’ll bet that there are all kinds of things that you can do in a few minutes.  Why?  Because, that is just how skill sets are.  I can do things in minutes that others require hours or even days to accomplish. But, before I started using fiverr, I never really even thought about it.

This is the question you should be asking yourself. What are those things that I can do in minutes? 

IF YOU CAN LINE UP 6 ten minute jobs, then, do the arithmetic. That’s $30 per hour of revenue.  Many, many people would be willing to work for that.  Are you?

Here is a great example. I met “chrisdesign” simply buying his $5 gig for the expressed purpose of asking him questions about how he uses fiverr.  The reason I picked him out of thousands of fiverr users, is because he is a fiverr rated “top seller”. On fiverr, a “top seller” is one of the folks doing the most business there.

Let’s say that you run an ecommerce store.  You have a line of products and associated photos.  One day you think, “I should replace that old picture on my home page with a slide show!”.  But, HEY, you don’t know how! It would take you hours to work out how to make a slide show, and you just don’t have time to learn. 

You just need the slide show. What do you think that costs on fiverr?

It’s $5 right here: http://bit.ly/Great-SlideShows-for-FIVE-Dollars

Have a look. This is a real business, by chrisdesign.



Top 7 Outsourcing Mistakes

Last week I found a great opportunity to sell leads and also got an order for leads. Oddly, this is connected to outsourcing of software development. I have 32 years of experience in all phases and aspects of software development, and about 20 years experience on a single product.

Also last week, I watched an interesting and VERY informative Frank Kern & Ryan Deiss offer for 6 weeks of coaching. Both Frank and Ryan are outsourcing service providers of marketing training and marketing coaching.

I sent Frank a note letting him know that his website had been hacked.  You might want to wait a while before you look at it. If you don’t know Frank, you probably should read THIS blog first and then look at his site, http://frankkern.com. I know Ryan Deiss well enough to trust him with my money, which in fact I have done.  Frank and Ryan are both master marketers. That said, don’t buy things that you don’t need and can’t use right now. Don’t buy coaching products that you don’t have time to use fully right now. If these things don’t apply to you, Ryan currently has a $1 offer that’s pretty interesting. Although, if you aren’t careful, you just might pay more for it.

Read my free whitepaper, “Top 7 Outsourcing Mistakes“. Can you trust me? Read this blog and find out.



The Best Practice for using LinkedIn

This morning it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’ve been wondering for months about what the best practice is for using LinkedIn.

What is LinkedIn? It’s only one of the oldest social marketing websites.

LinkedIn was popular in the business world before Twitter went online and before Facebook became mainstream.

In case you haven’t hear about it, LinkedIn was growing during the time when the term “Social Marketing” was not yet popular.

LinkedIn is a “Social Marketing” web site which for many years didn’t market itself that way.

The single best feature offered by LinkedIn is “Profile Stats”.

Do you remember how they told you that “references on your resume are rarely checked”. Well…forget that because now it’s so easy that everyone is doing it.

And, you can find out more about a person by looking at the profiles of those who recommend them than by any other way. You can also look a level deeper and discover even more. Doing this is a bit similar to the way the Google ranking algorithm works as described in its patent.

A friend of mine from the “Internet Marketing” world, Carolyne (Caro) McCourtie, recently joined linkedIn. I know Caro from the “30 Day Challenge” Social Marketing Campaign promoted by Ed Dale. Caro has helped me in various ways at no charge. Remember, a friend is a person who will help you out and expect nothing in return.

I’m leading up to the single best way for using LinkedIn. It’s what I call your “personal conversion rate” in the LinkedIn marketing channel, that is, the number of times your profile is viewed divided by the number of searches for a person like you.

LinkedIn provides you with “Profile Stats”. Out of those people who searched for your profile keywords, how many people viewed your profile? This tells you how well your personal marketing message, your profile, is at attracting prospects, people who might want to hire you.

The best practice:
Optimize your profile to improve your “personal conversion rate”.
The “Profile Stats” section information is private to each LinkedIn member.

This ONE MINUTE VIDEO shows you more about this.


Internet Marketer Ryan Deiss of DrivingTraffic.com

Ryan, I really think that you could be 100 times what you are now. All you need to do is embrace the concept of “ethical marketing“. OMG, Your Rank Mogul training is miles ahead, more accurate, more helpful, and a greater value than any other material I have seen in the last 2 years. But, consider this, on November 25, I actually MISTAKENLY thought that you were about to ripoff Make-a-Wish. Does ANYONE not see this as a huge mistake? Apparently, you (Ryan) did not realize that a $50,000 donation was not possible and THAT really rubbed me, an analytical person, the wrong way. I DO know why NOW, but I didn’t THEN. I seriously but MISTAKENLY thought that you were one of the bad guys. Ryan, the exact opposite is the case! WOW! $60,137 donated to Make-a-wish! That is a “trust builder” if I ever saw one and it wouldn’t surprise me one bit if this video (click here) is worth 10 times what you donated, over this next year. You might want to add a youTube description. The two men standing on the left of the opening shot of the video are Glen West, President and CEO of “Make a Wish” Austin, and Scott Crews, Senior Development Officer of “Make a Wish” Austin. I spoke to Scott Crews a day or so ago, and I’m satisfied that those men in the video were the real deal and not actors. You did a really generous thing that day.

Ryan, I feel really sure that you have never read “Think and Grow Rich”, or if you did, the story of the formation of “United States Steel Corporation” didn’t sink in. What “bad guy” do you know that publicly hands over a check that size to a charity? There is simply no other Internet Marketing Marketer with your present position in the Internet Marketing space. I’m sure that the inventors of the Internet would be pleased to know about this Right Result.

Congratulations! $60,137 may be the most money raised for charity in a lead generation campaign.

My most sincere best regards,                      © 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC
Charles KnNell, for Ethical Marketing™

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Ethical Marketing™, Because That Is Where the Money Is

© 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC

Hi Jacob,

I have not watched your video, but I believe I know what is in it. And, I also believe that you are correct about it, on a basic level. I’ve been thinking about how to do this for weeks now. It’s a great idea and I’d love to know how to do it. The single only reason that I haven’t offered you $97 for what your partner is willing to teach about it, is simply that I don’t know that I can trust you 100%. I have to know whether or not I can trust you because I will simply not execute a business transaction with a person that I don’t trust 100%. The only thing that you can offer me to close this deal is the honest answer to the question I already asked. The moment that I confirm your answer as the truth, I’ll be removing my credit card from my wallet. Jacob, this is all A LOT easier than you insist on making it. By only appealing to my emotional side, you will never succeed. I understand that this is how most people make business decisions, but it is behavior not in their best interest. The folks with the REAL money in this world, the 1%, make business decisions based on thought activity on their logical side. Hence, the “MC” strategy works on 99% of people, but they don’t have most of the money. When asked why he robbed banks, an infamous bank robber said, “Because that is where the money is.”

Charles KnNell for Ethical Marketing™
© 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


Wikipedia Wins the 2010 KnNell Prize for “Most Ethical Website of 2010”

Hundreds of websites were evaluated by “Ethical Marketing” during the year 2010. Wikipedia® has consistantly demonstrated the most ethical policies and services of any website of the English speaking world. A sovereign democratic world government, apart from the existing confederacy, having responsibility for taxation and the associated granting of “public charity status”, would surely determine that Wikipedia qualifies as such. Who among us cannot afford to give them one dollar and spread the word?

Charles KnNell for Ethical Marketing™ © 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


My Bit for the Reduction of Webspam on Google, Charles_KnNell

To: Google Webspam Team
From: Charles_KnNell of Webmaster Central

[The spam website at http://www…..] uses my photo in another person’s listing (Jenny E[…..]’s Profile). I’m Charles Knell (real name) – Charles KnNell (brand name) – http://rrco.biz — Thanks for all of the amazing work and favors you have done for me in the past. The funny thing is, I know you would do them for anyone.

We’ve received your spam report for http://www.exp[……..]/7. November 25, 2010. Thank you for submitting a spam report for this site: http://www.exp[……..]/7

We take the quality of our results very seriously, and we thoroughly investigate every report of deceptive practices and take appropriate action when we uncover genuine abuse. In especially egregious cases, we will remove spammy websites from our index immediately, so they don’t show up in search results at all. At a minimum, we’ll use the data from each spam report to improve our site ranking and filtering algorithms, which, over time, should increase the quality of our results.

We appreciate your taking the time to help us improve our service for your fellow users around the world. By helping us eliminate spam, you’re saving millions of people time, effort and energy.

Here is your opportunity to join the ranks of the ethical. IMO, this will save each member of the public who would have landed on this spam website 10 seconds. That isn’t much right? Wrong! It’s 10 seconds times 1 million people (average hourly rate $4 per hour). I just saved the world 4 million seconds of wasted time. Or, 1000 hours or $4000. If one thousand people turn in a webspam report today, they will save the world 4 million dollars. After logging in to your Google® account, you can turn in a webspam report right here.

I’m Charles_KnNell for Ethical Marketing™

© 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC



The BBB Answers Allegations of Unethical Marketing from ABC News 20/20 – Ethical Marketing – Internet Marketing

The Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc. has responded to the ABC News 20/20 report, which was critical of alleged unethical marketing practices in place at one local Better Business Bureau.

Immediately, [the] BBB will make available on its website a streamlined process for receiving complaints on BBB sales practices, and will implement procedures for investigating each complaint.

Read their press release "BBB Takes Action".

Each local BBB organization does their own marketing, sharing a national database.

Currently, there is a story circulating in cyberspace that the Council of Better Business Bureaus, Inc is a public charity, and that the so called "annual fees" they solicit from businesses are really charitible donations. The reasoning is that these "donations" go to fund their programs; Click Here to see the BBB programs list. What "for profit" business do you know of that would create a list of programs like this?

I’m Charles KnNell™ for "Ethical Marketing"

Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


The BBB of Hawaii Responds to Ethics Questions

The Honolulu office of the BBB has responded to the ABC News 20/20 report.

“From a standpoint of Hawaii’s BBB, none of that is going on here. I can honestly say that we have processes in place to make sure in fact that we do business ethically," said Dwight Kealoha, CEO of Hawaii’s Better Business Bureau office, which has a full-time staff of 16 people in its Bishop Street offices in downtown Honolulu.

My personal understanding of the BBB organizational structure is that each local office does their own marketing, but they may share a national database. So, in fairness, some local offices may have outsourced their marketing work to unethical marketers. The response to my complaint to the BBB on November 14 should be some indication of whether or not I am right.

One more thing, “Hamas” did NOT get an A rating by the BBB. That was “Hamas, Robert S”. This was an unethical trick to make the BBB look guilty, which took advantage of a technical flaw in the BBB website design. I saw the listing before it was wisely removed. But, do I need to point out that the tech guy in the ABC story could have been anyone ? Apparently, it isn’t obvious.


Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


Allegations of Wrongdoing at the BBB by ABC News

After watching the ABC News story, I submitted the following request (below) to the BBB on their website. In fairness, the reviews of the business are to be found on the BBB website. An ethical issue here is that a casual visitor is unlikely to see that the “F” rating is a result of not being a member of the BBB. The casual visitor is likely to attribute this highly negative rating to the business even though no negative reports exist in the BBB database.

BBB Rating for Wolfgang Puck


Nov 14, 2010
To: Complaint Department, BBB
Name: Charles_KnNell
email: charles@ethical-marketing.rrco.biz

Inaccurate information reported on Business Report for Wolfgang Puck (Company ID 100048262). Discrepancies listed below: I find this report to be unethical and suggest that an ethical report would include the number of negative and positive reports. As is, in my personal opinion, it simply defames a lawful trademark. Alternatively and at your sole descretion, this listing could be removed.

With respect,

Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


Ethical Marketing in 2010 — in 59 seconds — Charles_KnNell

Ethical Marketing. There’s an old story about a salesman who explained it this way. “When you sell in a new village, the people judge you by your suit. But, when you sell in your own village, people judge you by your reputation.”  In 2010, marketers have a relatively new problem to deal with.  There is only one “global village”, and that’s where your reputation will matter going forward.  You can’t just move on to the next village with no reputation to worry about.  If you think that you can market on the internet with no reputation, think again. The first thing I do before buying anything online is to learn if other people are writing bad things about it.  You simply can’t hide negative information about your brand on the internet without a ton of money to spend on doing it.  If someone is complaining about you, you can find it with a search engine. One view on ethical marketing is that we really can only judge it properly in retrospect. Treat your customers with kid gloves because if you motivate them to complain about your product or service, you will need to move on to the next village. And, there isn’t any.

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Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC

To find out what people say about me on the internet, Google me: Charles_KnNell Then, try your own name.


Judging Competition for High Rankings using a Guaranteed Cost Quote

Q. What is the most effective method of judging the competition for top rankings?

A. You may judge the difficulty of achieving top rankings for highly competitive keywords by comparing guaranteed cost quotes for achieving those rankings. During my last 2 years of full time experience doing Internet Marketing, I have not seen any evidence to support the idea that a single commercial tool can accurately help you judge this for highly competitive keywords. One simple example of a guaranteed cost quote is as follows: If the agreed upon 20 day average ranking is not achieved, the client pays an “agreed upon in advance” prorated fee.

If you decide to pay for SEO services of any kind, be certain that your agreement is crystal clear. The bottom line is that ambiguous agreements are not enforceable. And, there is a really good reason for that. It is because one cannot show that both parties shared the same understanding of the content of the agreement.

Comments on this and all articles become visible when you click on the article title (next to the date).

Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


Optimize your search Ranking



The Importance of Keywords in Page Titles

March 25, 2010 — © 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC

A few days ago I was trying to discover why the competition is beating my client off the first page of Google rankings. A trusted friend of mine recently remarked that she doesn’t use many SEO tools anymore because it just isn’t necessary. What she says is that search engines tell you volumes about ranking simply by looking at search results. To keep it simple, let’s just focus on page titles.

Somehow, I got into a debate with my client about whether or not it is important if your target keyword appears in page titles. She insisted that her research showed that this simply isn’t true. Rather than argue the point, I kept my true thoughts to myself and responded that I’d take the time to see for myself. This is a really good case which shows how inadequate words alone are for communicating information. Since, the need for inclusion of keywords in page titles is so incredibly obvious to me. Surely, it was the words I was using in my attempt to persuade which were at fault.

The very first thing to learn about this is that all marketing channels are not created equal. When you are looking at search results, it matters whether the marketing channel is highly competitive or not. In most cases, a channel is simply not competitive enough to show off the importance of a particular “on page” optimization factor. However, if you look at a marketing channel which has click value of more than one million dollars per quarter, that is another matter. With click cost in this range, a business targeting the first page of Google results can afford to purchase every “on page optimization” advantage.

Have a look at my client’s keyword and see how her competitors use it in their page titles. I won’t tell you the keyword; why not discover it yourself? Click Here

So, does your competition place important keywords in their page titles? Maybe they do and maybe they don’t. But, the real question is “should you?” and I say “yes”.

Best Regards,

Charles Knell is an independent internet marketing consultant.
Right Results Consulting LLC

Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


Is the Micro Niche Frenzy an Unethical Scam?

COPR 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC — A friend of mine recently posted about his personal attempts to make money online. It kills me to realize that he is being taken advantage of. The building of “Micro Niche” websites is the buzz among early adopters of internet marketing tools. The bottom line is this. If I had a drop dead simple strategy which could really bring in 6 figures I would implement it myself immediately. I wouldn’t write a book or a training course about it and degrade my chances of making it work.


What is the most cost effective means to Improve Search Engine Rankings?

Copyright 2010 Right Results Consulting LLC


A Tale of Two Markets — in 59 seconds — @Charles_KnNell

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was a world of ethical markets, and it was a world of unethical markets. Pardon the plagiarism. p023mnr

It is my perception that all markets fall into a continuum between the two poles of ethical marketing and unethical marketing. Certain markets are very ethical, for example, the market for “Christianity”. There are also unethical markets, for example, the market for “Search Engine Optimization”. As one might expect, the behavior and expectations of participants in these two diametrically opposed market types are very different. In an ethical market, prospects do not expect to be tricked. In an unethical market, they do expect trickery. In an ethical market, prospects do not expect that the first contact attempt with them will likely be a falsehood. In an unethical market, they accept first contact lies as part of the landscape of the market. Prospects in an unethical market believe that they are smarter than the marketers, and so they accept trickery and lies as part of doing business as usual. Of course, there is probably no perfect ethical market or unethical one, but every market is somewhere on the continuum between being ethical and being unethical.

with apologies to Charles Dickens,
@Charles_KnNell — Copyright 2009 Right Results Consulting LLC


Avoid the Ripoff – Evaluating Internet Marketing SEO Tools

In this series, I explain how I successfully avoid being ripped off on the Internet. This article explains how I evaluate SEO tools and includes practical ideas on developing your own business opportunity evaluation style, a critical skill in the new global economy. SEO tools are a broad set of very different software and training which have the common objective of getting more visitor traffic to a website.

Since October 22, 2007, I have evaluated hundreds of SEO Tools for my own consulting practice, and I’m sharing an interesting gem with you. This was one of my most interesting encounters with one of these tool makers.

The day started out as all days do, breakfast, coffee, and reading email. This day, an ad about generating more Twitter followers caught my attention. I surfed over to the sales page and it looked pretty good. Many people don’t think much of Twitter, mainly because they simply don’t see what’s in it for them. Trust me on this one, this will change. Non-believers can stop reading here. This article is for the one million people who understand that Twitter is a portal into the soul of humanity, revealing what people care about, what interests them, what they might buy. Learning how one can use Twitter more effectively is on the minds of many, many marketers. I made a decision to learn if using this particular tool was in my future.
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Avoid the Ripoff – How to judge if a seller is trustworthy.

The eye-catching use of a “Money Back Guarentee” is a trend that I’ve seen in online advertizing of Internet Marketing products.  However appealing, this guarentee may be only as good as the word of the seller.  And, the word of the seller is just fine when the seller is a well known brand name. The Internet Marketing Tools product space is in a constant state of change, and it’s rare for buyers to recognize a trustworthy brand.  Change, it seems, is the only constant in this product space.

There are several good ways to judge a seller’s money back guarentee. But, my opinion is that unless the guarentee is a “no questions asked” policy, it isn’t worth much in the case of an electronically delivered information product. In case you are not familiar with fine points of online buying, this means any product which has no trackable physical delivery. There are MANY fine vendors of these kinds of products, and they always give this level of guarentee quality. But, then there are the many others who are not vendors of quality and who also use P*ypal. P*ypal has a very practical approach to the problem of returns of non-tangible products, but, unfortunately it seems to favor the thieves, con men, and scam artists.
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The Affiliate Marketing Opportunity, Is It for You?


I read offers of new internet marketing opportunities on a daily basis. Right now, I’m on the mailing list of about 30 internet marketers. I received one the other day which seemed like investing some time on. So, without mentioning any names, here is the pitch.

The offer is for information on how to set up small websites to be used for affiliate marketing. The pitch is excellent. After you learn the process, you will spend 30 minutes of your own time creating each website which should then generate about $3 per day.  Then, repeat the process until you have 700 websites all doing this same thing, i.e. providing revenue of $2100 per day. This is not bad, not bad at all. I have no doubt that I can create a site in 30 minutes. The real question is, “Is this a legitimate offer?”.  You must understand that, most likely, it is.  But, be careful to buy the “steak” and not the “sizzle”.  $2100 per day is $63,000 per month.  Revenue of $63,000 per month is $756,000 per year!  STOP and THINK. Otherwise, you’ll be buying “sizzle”. This marketer is NOT promising you 3/4 of a million revenue per year, he is only showing you that it’s possible. And, he is right! It is possible. But, look at this offer objectively and from the marketer’s perspective. Why would anyone waste their time creating a course to teach this when they could be doing it? Don’t get me wrong. I do believe that you will likely make money if you follow all of the advice. The real question is “should you?”.  Further, remember that there can be no doubt that the creator of the course believes that there is more money for him in creating and selling this advice than in following the advice.  Remember that specialized knowledge about well known and well studied areas is generally not expensive. Although, certainly there are exceptions, and you have to decide if this is one of those exceptions.  Perhaps you need objective advice, but that is another article.

Before you buy expensive training on affiliate marketing, spend a little time to learn what your objectives are as an affiliate marketer from the purchasers of your service. Read what EBay has been learning about affiliate marketing. Martin-Gill, W. et al of EBay fame, published a white paper on the future of affiliate marketing which you should read.  And, that will also take you 30 minutes. It reports on what EBay has learned about affiliate marketing and what they are likely looking for in affiliate marketers. Trust me on this one, they will be looking to optimize their investment.

One affiliate campaign of mine (which I spent 2 days setting up) has a ROI of over 200%. For weeks now, I’ve done no work to maintain it. I have dozens of affiliate publisher accounts and I personally applied for an affiliate account with EBay. I was rejected and I’ll have to admit that I didn’t understand why until now. You can read this white paper yourself and be fully enlightened. See http://www.semj.org/documents/SEMJ_ebay_vol2.pdf

Best Regards,

Charles Knell

Charles P Knell, follow me on twitter: @Charles_KnNell
A.K.A. Chuck Knell, Charles KnNell

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Are the Words “Ethical Marketing” mutually exclusive?


I do a lot of keyword research for my Internet marketing business, and I ran into something last week which I find disturbing.  It seems that the keyword “Ethical Marketing” has virtually no Adwords Traffic associated with it.  In keyword research, Adwords Traffic is an estimate of daily clicks on the #1 Ad Result.  Now, let me ask you something.  Would you ever buy something from someone who you knew was not acting in an ethical manner?  Of course, you wouldn’t.  Buyers are looking for people to trust.  Buyers are interested in finding the most ethical people to listen to and take advice from.  In business, the folks who prepare marketing materials are marketers.  It just stands to reason that in the long run, an ethical marketer will do better than an unethical one.  So, I strive to be both a marketer and ethical at the same time because I KNOW that this is the marketing material that buyers are looking for.  And yes, buyers can be fooled in the short run. And yes, you can fool some of the people some of the time.  But, in the new global economy powered by the Internet, engaging in unethical marketing practice is no way to run your business.  You just won’t get away with it in the long run.

Charles P Knell, follow me on twitter: @Charles_KnNell
A.K.A. Chuck Knell, Charles KnNell

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